“We are corporate mentors, coaches, and philosophers bringing fresh and motivating approaches to Boards, enterprise leaders and their teams that will help them create and live their future.”

Di Percy

Di Percy is one of Australia’s most recognised thought leaders on transformational change and leadership. She is known for her work with transition, both corporate and personal.

When leaders stand together in their conviction, the whole organization lights up. Mindful leadership and cultural enrichment is one of Di’s great passions since she started her business in 1992.

Clients have developed compelling leadership, with strategies to bring their group into alignment and achieve huge goals, for instance turning around a faltering business to make a profit of over $110m.

Filling a gap in Australia for professional practitioner development, Di is the Founder and inaugural President of the internationally renowned Organisation Development Australia. This called on her years of practice alongside postgraduate lecturing experience.

Di works with some of Australia’s most successful business leaders, helping them leverage the effectiveness of their individual people, together with the power of their cultures. Di has qualifications in psychology, counseling and business.

Dr Martin Vogel

Dr Martin Vogel is seen by many as the doyen of mentoring in Australia to both individual clients as well as to many corporations.

Clients have developed great strategies and superb leadership which has resulted in some of the major Australian corporations – like CSL, which grew from its origins as a statutory government body into the international pharmaceutical corporation it is today.

Many of his clients have been in finance, engineering, construction, shipbuilding, tourism, advertising and many other industries.

The list of successful individuals Dr Vogel has worked with lengthens every year in both personal and in business enterprise.

All business has one thing in common: business is people business.

The greatest cost to struggling enterprises always is the missed opportunities and the waste of human potential. Dr Vogel addresses these issues with great insight and success.

Rather than promote his own reputation Dr Vogel’s focus has always been to remain in the background and give full credit to the individual.