Martin Vogel

There’s a difference between leadership and management. Leadership is of the spirit, compounded of personality and vision: its practice is an art. Management is of the mind, more a matter of accurate calculation, of statistics, of methods, timetables and routines: its practice is a science. Managers are necessary: Leaders are essential.”
Field Marshal William Slim, Governor General of Australia


Di Percy

Corporate Mentoring

Implementing Success

Executive Leadership

Chief Executives and senior leaders who want to take them selves and their enterprise to exponentially greater levels of achievement, maintain quality of life, and make a positive difference. Read more…

Team Leadership

Team Leadership’ can be interpreted two ways –
One, being leader of the team
Two, being part of a team that leads collectively.|
Great leaders learn to do both. Each aspect calls for a different mindset and skillset. Read more…

Keep Expertise In The Company

Pre-retiree executives can psychologically leave the company up to two years before retirement. These executives may feel their long experience and knowledge and is undervalued and unacknowledged. Read more…

Organisation Transformations

When transformational change is called for, people get tested and challenged to the edges of their ability. Maintaining morale, focus and energy are crucial enablers alongside strategy, goals and financials. Read more…

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